Lord Feridun Hamdullahpur as an astronaut.

Made a headband today! Tutorial here.

Mom suggested I recycle my fabrics so I did. I think I’m going to make a bunch more if I dig up more flexible wire.

Experimenting pyrography with dad’s soldering iron.

David & I on flockdraw.com, a collaborative drawing site.

Improvement LOL

Windrunner (DOTA 2) & Guile (Street Fighter 4)

School paper request.

I don’t know this game. I don’t know how to draw dogs. I’m sorry.
Another request for my school newspaper.
200+ Followers (*´・v・)

Thank you for all the support! 


Superman T shirt from a kid’s store in Hong Kong ($2 CDN)
Tied top’s tutorial here.

Green Lantern T shirt from thrift store ($4 CDN)
Hooded T-Shirt tutorial here.

Shirts for tanning my gut!

I started a painting with ‘real paint’ today. I’m using a Lord of the Rings artbook as light referencing. The idea is of a kingdom built in a place surrounded by dangerous but beautiful waterfalls. (That empty white canvas patch will be the city.)

Painted with Sailor Moon crests! It’s around that time.

$3 canvas shoes from Ardene, acrylic paint, sharpie, acrylic sealer.