Hey! So I entered a contest from Fan Expo 2014.
♥♥ Vote for me? ♥♥

See everyone at fanexpo tomorrow! <3

For a school article about LGBTQ theatre.
I&#8217;ve been watching too many tattoo shows!
Fanexpo progress :)
Blind Archer concept
I tried a lot of new stuff on this one, pretty happy.
Some more stuff for University of Waterloo&#8217;s frosh! 
Ira Needles &amp; Gerald Hagey in astronaut helmets. Too Daft Punk haha, whoops. Or not whoops. I did this one in a sitting, last minute notice, I think all the extra fancy decorations will distract the rough work.

WIP Archer

Lord Feridun Hamdullahpur as an astronaut.

Made a headband today! Tutorial here.

Mom suggested I recycle my fabrics so I did. I think I’m going to make a bunch more if I dig up more flexible wire.

Experimenting pyrography with dad’s soldering iron.