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let’s star in an action cartoon

Waterloosers: “Daily Grind” (Week 2 Fall 2014 UWImprint)
Mandatory coffee joke for a student newspaper, it’s like a right of passage.

<30 minute drawings for a workshop.

I started it with an academic purpose, for an application. People love mothers and babies. Future. Yeah. 

Update: I got a comic artist position with the university newspaper! Weekly comic strips by Tina at the University of Waterloo will be dangerous.

Waterlosers (3/3)
This is a comic re-make of this older comic I did on my iPad lol. Anyways, school newspaper wanted you to submit 3 comics to see if you can run a series this term. Ahhh.
Waterlosers (2/3)
Part of submissions to a student newspaper. Fingers crossed.
Waterlosers (1/3)
I submitted some comics to the school newspaper. If they like me enough, I can have a weekly series???
For an eco friendly art contest.
Plan is to line the thing, then colour it digitally. I am trying the art deco composition. Fingers crossed.

See everyone at fanexpo tomorrow! <3