A necromancer child design request WIP, put beside me other girl for ref.

Also, going on a life hiatus due to health issues (getting surgery), so I’ll see everyone in a bit!

Uni Diary #23.5
Doodles at school for procrastination or campus events.

I have an exam Monday but I decided to finish this Starbucks mermaid at the William’s Fresh Cafe down the street. I’m so rebellious.
Uni Diary #23
Layin’ down the J-Law.For school paper who wanted an article about Lawrence being the best person ever and needed to showcase her beauty.
I was in an awful lecture today; decided to make logos for a logo contest.
Now, to finish up some Hannibal fanart…haha…
Black and white graphic for Imprint -women’s relay team!Each and every girl was inspired by Sailor Jupiter.
+23 ♥!

Hello new followers, thanks for taking interest in my art -I really appreciate the support! 

If you found me through my partner’s tpp reddit post, thanks to him for giving me the tpp idea in the first place.

I will be replying to all your messages soon as well. ;)


ATV, LORD HELIX, START9!Graphic for school paper :)
Uni Diary #22